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Customer Testimonials

My husband, Robert, and I want to tell you that we are enjoying the Safe-Step tub that we bought from you. We were a littled afraid we had spent too much money at our time of life when we can no longer go out and make it back, but we think it will do us a world of good – physically and emotionally – giving us the ability to have a great bath experience and also a relaxing spa experience.

We especially want to thank you for the installers you sent us. They were 3 young men called “Extreme Services”. I don’t know if they install all your tubs or not, but they should. We were impressed with their knowledge of the tub and their kindness and care to us in making sure we understood how to use it. They also cleaned up after themselves beautifully. They bolstered our belief that we had made the right choice.

I have always believed that the only thing a customer or client knows about a company is the person or persons that they deal directly with. From that contact they form their opinion of that company – good or bad. Your representatives have done a very good job representing you and we thought you would like to know.

Bob & Jan Parker 
Evansdale, Iowa 

Our safe step tub was delivered and installed August 24, 2012. We were very impressed by all of the installers. The gentlemen were courteous and considerate. Clean up was very satisfactory and each man covered the carpet with runners. All of them are great ambassadors of Safe Step and deserve a pat on the back.
Evelyn Humphrey 
Milton, Iowa 

We had your product installed September 4, 2012 by Kevin, plumber, and Darrell, electrician, who service this area. We would like to report that we are very pleased with your representatives. They were very efficient and responsible in their efforts to provide an extraordinary outcome. The tub is very impressive and my husband, who was in need of a secure bath environment, was very pleased with your product with his initial first bath.

We just want you to know we appreciate your product and the way in which your business was conducted. Mr. Ryan, your sales representative, provided valuable insights into your product and was a very likeable salesperson.
Donald and Judith McLernon 
Hibert, Wisconsin

I’m writing you with regard to the installation of my tub today. The installers were Jason and Ryan.

I am in awe of their workmanship and talents in not only the installation but the way they treated my home in the process. I have a handicapped son in the home that is scared of noise and they were so good at alerting us whenever there would be noise that Kurt just went with the flow, and loved seeing the progress with no fear at all.

I live in a Condo and they were conscientious of the rules and regulations of the site and there were no issues from the association. That has not been the case in other contractor installations.

In our lifetime, my husband and I have remodeled over 28 homes and actually put in 2 walk in tubs while in AZ a few years ago. Most of the workman on those jobs left our home in shambles causing major cleanup and also damage that had to be repaired after they left.

Your installers didn’t even create dust, but whatever cause a cleanup, they cleaned it up and hauled everything away. They replaced tiles that were in places that had holes in them after brackets came off, and the match up to the floor tile was awesome as well. My previous jobs had different tile used to butt up to the tub and there was no match. These gentlemen worked the installation around the tile placement and the job was perfect. My bathroom was cleaner when they left then when they arrived!!!

If your company has any reward or incentive program, I would definitely nominate Jason and Ryan. The experience was a wonderful one that I will never forget.
Darlene Motschenbacher
Burnsville, Minnesota